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Minimum Bad Credit Finance Requirements

Are over 18

Have a current and valid drivers licence

Are an Australian resident or citizen

Have a valid ABN or ACN (6+ months trading)

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Bad Credit Finance Advantages
That Many Don’t Know

If you are self-employed or a business owner looking for new or used equipment or a vehicle, and have bad credit, there are great options available. Compare bad credit car finance options across multiple lenders and take advantage of extended tax benefits plus more! Get specialised assistance covering all loan types from no deposit options to different low doc solutions for ABN holders.

Quickly calculate and find your best vehicle finance options for your business with no impact to your credit score!

  • 1 day business continuance ABN
  • Larger balloons & more flexible terms
  • Lowest rates through direct lender negotiations
  • ABN loan options with no credit check
  • Easy low doc replacement policies
  • Low doc to $100k for new ABNs
  • Low doc to $250k for ABNs + home owner

Bad Credit Borrowing Obstacles

Qualifying can be difficult with any of the below:

  • Recent bankruptcy or Part 9
  • Limited income – Earning below $5k a month
  • Trading less than 6 months
  • High number of loan applications
  • Multiple dishonours
  • Not having Financials up to Date

Bad Credit Borrowing Expectations

  • Borrowing amounts may be capped
  • Deposits may be needed
  • Rates will be higher
  • Bank statements will be needed

Applying For Bad Credit Car Loan

People also asked

How do I finance a car with my ABN if I have bad credit?

You can finance a new/used vehicle or equipment through your ABN (business) with most lenders. The main criteria is to be able to prove to lenders and the ATO that it will be used for business purposes and qualify for the loan.

Having bad credit can reduce your options and increase borrowing costs.

With regards to lenders, borrowers can access both full doc or low doc ABN finance options and in some cases half doc.

Full doc finance is a traditional loan and may require a large amount of paperwork; including tax returns, bank statements, business activity statements and up to date accounts. Rates for full doc loans are often lower than low doc finance.

Low doc finance is popular as it requires less paperwork along with a bit more flexibility in approvals. General lender requirements for low doc finance may include; recent BAS or from previous year, summary of business accounts, possibly a deposit or be asset backed.

Half doc finance is obviously in the middle of the other options, typically requiring documents like a BAS + 6 months bank statements.

In all cases the better your credit the better your rate and chances of approval.

A quick chat with the Comparison Australia team can quickly highlight options across our large panel of lenders.

Are there any purchase restrictions on bad credit car loans?

Each lender will have its own criteria based on the age of the vehicle/equipment, LVR amount and credit assessment. In most circumstance the newer the vehicle or equipment the better for approvals. There are however certain lenders that specialise in funding older or unique vehicles and equipment.

Comparison Australia’s partners have access to 70+ lenders and banks making it easier for borrowers to find a lender that will fund most things.

How can I get a bad credit car loan for my business?

Please review our section on what to expect when applying for a car loan with bad credit.

In addition, qualifying can be difficult if any of the below apply to your situation.

– Recent bankruptcy or Part 9
– Limited income – Earning below $5k a month
– Trading less than 6 months
– High number of loan applications
– Multiple dishonours
– Not having Financials up to Date

How long does a business need to be trading to get bad credit car finance?

Most lenders prefer your ABN be active for at least 6 months. The longer you have been in business the better as it proves stability.

A quick chat with Comparison Australia partners can provide current options across different lenders and their ABN length requirements.

What type of insurance do I need if purchasing a vehicle through my ABN?

You’ll need to get a comprehensive car insurance policy just like you would if purchasing an normal vehicle, so it’s important to factor that into your budgeting.

How fast can I get an car loan?

Depending on lender and what your after, there are very quick turnaround times for bad credit car loans for your business. In certain circumstances borrowers can receive funds in the same day or within 24 hours.

Quick funding is dependant on having all documents required by the lender ready to go for immediate assessment and approval.

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